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10 countries that have a higher minimum wage than the United States

One story that doesn't seem to be going away is that of the minimum wage coach online. The United States often gets tagged with the motto of "greatest country on earth," but when you look how the lowest income earners are being paid, it doesn't seem to fit the title.

In August, thousands of fast food workers went on strike demanding that their pay be doubled and have the ability to form a labor union without the fear of backlash from their employer cheap coach wallets. Many fast food workers make the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour and now they are asking for a raise to $15 per hour authentic coach outlet handbags. The fast food strike brings back an argument made earlier this year by President Obama during is State of the Union address. While President Obama didn't speak of a $15 minimum wage, the president did ask for a federal increase to $9 per hour. The federal minimum wage hasn't been increased since 2008 and millions of Americans are starving for a bump in pay.

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