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7Th President of The United States

Andrew Jackson was famous enough to get his face planted on the $20 dollar bill coach factory outlet website. This is quite some honor, as getting your face seen by everybody who wants to pay for something large is something that not everybody can claim a right to. Right before Andrew was born, his father, also named Andrew, died due to accident cheap coach hats. He was born on March 15, 1767, though this may be an approximation due to the hard times his mother was going through. There is debate over whether Jackson was born in North Carolina or South Carolina, because although there is evidence as to him being born in North, he claims to have been born in South coach bags on sale. He earned the nickname 'Old Hickory' because of his aggressive and tough personality. He often dueled with people and even once killed a man in a duel because the man insulted his wife Rachel, whom he was extremely protective of.

Andrew Jackson fought in many of the American wars. In the revolutionary war, when he was 13 years old,

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